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My name is Gienek. I come from the vicinity of Rybnik and you can see I have several hobbies. Some of them I deal with since childhood. These include the breeding of aquarium fish and parrots. I started with Taeniopygia and Melopsittacus undulatus. In the last few years our breeding has grown greatly. I breeding parrots with my son Arthur. Each of us has own pairs. We have various species of parrots. Pictures you can found on the site, as well as many interesting tips. Wherever possible we will try to add new pictures. With my son, we belong to the Silesian Association of Ornithology "Ara" in Czerwionka - Leszczyny, where I am vice chairman. I also like to photograph. Another passion of mine is the breeding flowers in the garden and at home, which deals with his wife. It gives us great satisfaction.

Telephone: +48 32 4219426
e-mail: kontakt@mojehobby.org

Eugeniusz Kupczak
gg: 6702800
e-mail: gienek_k@wp.pl
tel: +48608298813
Account number: 17 1140 2004 0000 3302 3726 0940

Artur Kupczak
gg: 1596742
e-mail: artur.kupczak6@gmail.com

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