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http://www.adc-holland.com/ - laboratory for sex identification and virus detection of parrots and parakeets.

http://arek-papugi.eu/ - Site of friends breeder

http://www.moje-papugi.pl/ - Site of friends breeder

http://www.kapelania.pl/ - Great friend site

http://www.vilamazonia.com/ - Josep Bertran page - breeder from Barcelona

http://www.psittacula-mutations.nl/ - Gerrit Wesseling page - breeder from Noordwijkerhout/Holandia

http://www.belgiumlorybreeders.com/ - François De Meersman page - breeder from Belgium

Hodowla papug - Michał Lipski

http://www.akwarystyka.com/ - worth seeing

http://www.azalia.pl/ - worth seeing

http://www.labradory-najlepsze-psy.blog.onet.pl/ - Out dog blog

http://www.echinofossulocactus.swietochlowice.org/ - worth seeing

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