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My adventure with the fish started long ago. When I was a boy I had 30-liter tank aquarium, made of angle iron, as befits those times. Fish I was buying in Rybnik, the pet shop Wideman. This shop is stuck in my memory today. I was breeding various fish for example gouramis mottled mosaic gouramis, żałobniczkis, makrapoudas, gladiolis, guppies – the most popular fish for those days. My breeding persist very long until I had to go into the army. The breeding I was entrusted to my cousin, who until recently was also an avid aquarist.

At a later time when my kids were born, I started to breed fish again. Son helped me very much. Although he was only three years, he decided to feed the fish. He give aquarium pouring the entire contents of the food package. I must quickly clean the all aquarium.

For over a year I have a 200 liter aquarium, which grows in various fish species. These include: mosaic and marble gouramis, gouramis kissing, Kiriskis, Cichlids, Akar from maroni, lemon, Mecca, Malabar Danio and a few other fish. This aquarium is very impressive. A few months ago I set up a second 112-liter aquarium with timothy sumatries They are beautiful fish, which always fascinated me and I can watch hours of sitting in front of the aquarium. .   .

Pictures of our aquariums are in the "Gallery".

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