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I think every one of you dreams tamed a parrot. Will it be wavy, cockatiel, ringneck, or even some other parrot that this is not the slightest importance. First of all, it must be a young person because the old parrot is very hard to tame, in almost every case, it is simply impossible. Before we proceed to tame your pet, it must first acclimatize. So it is best to purchase an individual about a week to give him time to calmly adapt to new surroundings. If the parrot is no longer timid, you can see that for the most part this can be acclimatized to begin taming. The best that parrot in the room was the one who tames her. At the outset, we prepare a stick, not too thin but that was not too thick. The best that he was with the willow, apple, or lilac. Once we have a stick poking fun at the fruit or vegetable, who parrot the most loved. If you do not know what our best-loved parrot I propose an apple. We are seeing what a parrot does. We wait until we take the parrot food. There may of course be that it would not want a parrot, not discouraged, but after some time try again. When the ward will no longer eat the "delicacy" of the stick, you have to take the next step. Enter a parrot on his hands "delicacy." The hands hold the stick to pet reminded him. When you have so it will eat the fruit, then we give it the same without the stick. Once we parrot will eat from the hand that is already very, very well. Then comes the most important step, namely the release of a parrot in the room. Please remember to close all the windows, because even though a parrot is tame it can escape. Over time we will pet sit on your hand, head, etc. Unfortunately, the tame parrot is not only pleasure but also a great challenge and responsibility. When we go on for some time have papużce provide care. Not only that, some time before leaving the pet to come to the person who will be dealing with pet during our absence, so to get accustomed to that person. At the end I will add one more thing, the whole taming the pet is best to repeat a word, the best name. Maybe someday it will repeat your favorite ...

Good luck taming!

Photos of our taming parrots are in "Gallery".

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