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Mixture of grains should consist mainly of sunflower 30%, threadworm or oats millet 30% and 30%, while the rest, or 10% should be: canary seed, Kardi, poppy seed, niger, hemp. Please note that sunflower, millet and oats are the basis-of these grains can not be missed in the daily diet of our pets. Other grains such as: Kardi, canary seed poppy, Niger, which are additives mentioned earlier that we can, but do not have to give. Personally I use a blend, which consists of 25% sunflower, millet, oats 30% 30% 15% Kardi. Birds are in very good condition and are rarely ill endeavoring to me in my kennel. In case of fire, terminated, and other larger parrots can give peanuts, which the large parrots like to play, and corn. Parrots are different requirements depending on the species. This provision can be applied to a mixture of nymphs, nierozłączek, budgies, wróbliczek, goat parrots, Rosellas. Larger parrots need different proportions and eat more sunflower seeds, they can not cope with corn, peanuts, etc. Sunflower: Least wartociowe are black sunflower seeds for feed, are also very oily and cause weight gain a bird, when administered in the wrong quantity. I recommend white or striped sunflower seeds, which are much healthier than the black .. Oats can be administered peeled oats (called threadworm), or just simple seeds of oats. Millet may be given on the cob.

- Fruits and vegetables:

Parrots served daily alternating with apple carrot. After washing of the fruit we cut them into slices and serve papużkom. You can also rub an apple on a grater (just like many breeders do), but this reduces the durability of the fruit and faster dirt frame. Personally, I recommend the administration of apples and carrots in the form of patches. Serve can be highly recommended in summer dandelion (a popular dairy) and willow twigs. Lettuce should not be used, as it causes diarrhea and even death to the bird. Before serving, be sure to wash fruit or vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have a great impact on the condition of your pet.

- Egg Mixture:

Serve it at the time of breeding, feeding and moulting chicks up. Apart from these times should be given 1-2 times a week. Should not be given during the incubation mixture of eggs, because they may encourage the birds to repeated mating and breeding. Serve chicken eggs. Ingredients: • cook hard-boiled egg • shredded by crushing an egg with a fork, or by rubbing on kitchen grater. • when the operation mix with egg yolk protein • the ground dosypujemy eggs or biscuits, bread crumbs, which are also shredded on a grater. • Mix everything together and the mixture is ready for a new podawania.Wsprzedaży appeared CEDE egg food very valuable.

- Mineral supplements:

Limestone cubes, sepia, sand, grit is essential minerals, which must be placed in each cage. Can be served dry eggshells, which I highly recommend. Before administration to crush the shells. As the cubes of lime can be administered to a regular school chalk.

- Sprouts

A very good addition in the feed for all parrots is germinated seeds of wheat, millet or oats. Germinated seeds are very rich in vitamins and can be administered virtually throughout the year. Below you how to sprout seeds of wheat: • sand poured into the dish and pour water on him • sprinkle the wheat seed • uniformly distributed on the sinking vessel and all the grains • the next day I check whether the water evaporated, if so, pour a little bit, enough to seed were lightly wetted. After the first day of the seeds swell. • In the following days, repeating the action. We can not lead to the soaked beans, since they do not sprout and rot may occur. Should be watered sparingly, so that all the time it was damp, but water can not float on the surface. • after a few days (3-4) are already sprouted seeds and ready to serve. Be scraped seeds from the sand and enter the vessel.

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